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Designing and Delivering a complete system/solution..."Make your own Space"

Create your sport vision for both community and to enhance athletic success!


NCE Sport increases product line for the US

NCE Sport will be working with Helo Sport, Be Strong, Hatko, Koach by Knod, SRG, SMC2, Mejorset by LEDAP and Athletica Sport (Infinity Series window dasher board system) as the official US distributor. "Our partnership with these accomplished manufacturers will reveal international training essential to our US youth players as well as community residents". Working with these fantastic products within the multiple necessary concepts will benefit all skillsets within all sport platforms!

Chris Brain-Principal NCE Sport

Our US based staff is lead by Chris Brain a former pro player who trains youth soccer within the state of New Jersey. He's positioned with network contacts all over the globe and has a clear vision to enhance the player skillset as well as bringing the fun back to this fantastic sport!

Chris Brain

Principal- NCE Sport